Expo on Codespaces

What will I need?

How long will it take?

About ten minutes.

Lets give it a go!

Create a new Codespace using the blank template:

Once initalised, create an empty Expo React App (select (y)es when prompted):

npx create-expo-app example

Install the expo-cli command line tool globally:

npm install -g expo-cli

Change into your example project’s folder and edit App.js, maybe adding an image or whatever, before updating packages:

cd example
npm update

Login to your Expo account from the command line:

Create an account with Expo and login using the expo login command.

Expo-cli supports tunnelling, a proxy URL accesible from any device over the Internet, using ngrok.

expo start --tunnel

After installing the requested library (@expo/ngrok@^4.1.0), you should see a QR code:

Open the Expo Go app on your device, login, and then scan the QR code. The app will bundle and be available on your device.

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