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  • Expo on Codespaces

    Expo on Codespaces

    What will I need? How long will it take? About ten minutes. Lets give it a go! Create a new Codespace using the blank template: Once initalised, create an empty Expo React App (select (y)es when prompted): Install the expo-cli command line tool globally: Change into your example project’s folder and edit App.js, maybe adding…

  • No Internet access in WSL

    No Internet access in WSL

    Windows might generate a /etc/resolv.conf with an incorrect nameserver while installing Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). It’s a quick fix – edit /etc/resolv.conf and change the nameserver (Google’s is To prevent it being overwritten, create or edit /etc/wsl.conf adding the option generateResolvConf = false.

  • Windows Store missing

    Windows Store missing

    Windows Store is never installed when I do a clean install of Windows 11. No idea why. The easiest solution is to run Xbox, and you’ll see: Click “Fix them in settings”: Install Microsoft Store.