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  • Plesk, Nextcloud, and my shortening patience

    I’ve a self-hosted Nextcloud installation which is frankly a pain, there’s a good chance updates will break everything.

    Plesk is a fairly intuitive interface for self hosting but is best described as non-standard Ubuntu – it handles PHP oddly in particular. Try running any of the php occ commands in it’s built-in ssh terminal and you’ll experience an exercise in frustration.

    It’s so much easier to ssh from an Ubuntu terminal and run occ commands directly – giving a clear error message that you can actually do something with.

    So its the Circles app, lets disable it:

    php occ app:disable circles

    Then repair the installation:

    php occ maintenance:repair

    Finally turn off maintenance mode:

    php occ maintenance:mode --off

    I don’t even use that app but we’re back.

  • Ubuntu 24.04 LTS OneDrive

    I’ve not had much time to play around with the latest release but this is cool – OneDrive Nautilus integration.

    Settings > Online Accounts > Microsoft 365, leave everything blank and hit “Sign in…”. Web page opens to authenticate and then you can mount OneDrive in Nautilus.

  • Excel – is it a working day?

    Need to know if a date is a working day? Excel has a WORKDAY function which takes a date, adds to it, and tells you the next working day. What about if a specific day is a working day? Assuming the date is in A1: