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  • Multipass cloud-init

    Multipass cloud-init

    Multipass is pretty useful but what a pain this was to figure out, due to Ubuntu’s Node.js package not working with AWS-CDK. Multipass lets you manage VM in Ubuntu and can take cloud-init scripts as a parameter. I wanted an Ubuntu LTS instance with AWS CDK, which needs Node.js and python3-venv. Save that as cdk.yaml…

  • Setup a Multipass CDK Environment

    Setup a Multipass CDK Environment

    I want to be able to connect to the environment using Visual Studio Code, so first we need to create a SSH key: We need a configuration YAML, replace <generated ssh-rsa key> with the above key, saved as cloud-init.yaml: Assuming you’ve got Multipass installed (if not sudo snap install multipass) then: We’ll come back to…

  • Rust


    Picked up a book, Programming Rust (2nd Edition) by Jim Blandy, and have been working through it over the holidays (non-stop party here). Published in late 2021, it’s surprising how much of the code doesn’t work and it isn’t encouraging to spend half an hour searching for solutions to an early worked example. Nothing in…