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  • Static sites with Jekyll in Ubuntu

    Static sites with Jekyll in Ubuntu

    Setup Ruby Remove the default Ubuntu install, otherwise you’ll get an error You don’t have write permissions for the /var/lib/gems/3.x.x Directory and configure Ruby to install gems to a folder in your home. Install Jekyll Create a new project Edit project Jekyll has excellent documentation, the step-by-step guide will get you up to speed. In…

  • Expo on Codespaces

    Expo on Codespaces

    What will I need? How long will it take? About ten minutes. Lets give it a go! Create a new Codespace using the blank template: Once initalised, create an empty Expo React App (select (y)es when prompted): Install the expo-cli command line tool globally: Change into your example project’s folder and edit App.js, maybe adding…

  • Metro not starting automatically on Ubuntu

    Metro not starting automatically on Ubuntu

    Expected behaviour: Should launch Metro and an Android emulator but Metro is not launched. Manually launching metro works:

  • Rainbows, decorators arguments & threads

    Rainbows, decorators arguments & threads

    Playing with Rainbow Hat I learned a few things about Python as a result I found out what a decorator is, the difference between args and kwargs and threads. I also learned that a lot of guides don’t understand either. If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough1. Decorators Rainbow Hat…

  • Python List Comprehension

    Python List Comprehension

    I’ve been spending time with Python recently and am beginning to really like some of the language’s features. List comprehension creates a list by evaluating an expression on each item in each list, from left to right. It combines an expression and a loop: Apply a condition : It’s useful for combining lists: Pimoroni’s Rainbow Hat…

  • Using Threading rather than Thread

    Using Threading rather than Thread

    In an earlier post, I used Threads but the thread module in Python when I should be using threading. The documentation for threading says it builds upon the thread module (renamed _thread): This module provides low-level primitives for working with multiple threads (also called light-weight processes or tasks) — multiple threads of control sharing their global data…

  • Python’s with statement

    Python’s with statement

    Managing resources usually involves three steps – allocating, using, and releasing. You’re familiar with the try… finally pattern but Python also provides context managers.