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  • Another site live!

    Another site live!

    Tarbat Discovery Centre requested a new website for their Discovery Centre at the start of the year, which is now deployed! Working closely with a designer was a great experience and the charity are pleased with the result. Avoiding complexity and using hosted solutions minimise maintenance and training for the charity, allowing them to focus…

  • Renew SSL certificate in Plesk with IONOS

    Log in to IONOS – you need three files: If you don’t have the private key, Revoke Old Certificate, then Reissue Certificate – on Firefox this is a bit weird but it’ll download the key file but until you open it won’t complete the reissue. In Plesk go to Websites & Domains > SSL/TLS Certificates…

  • Upgrade Ubuntu from command line

    Upgrade Ubuntu from command line

    Default release upgrade behaviour is configured in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades. Upgrade with sudo do-release-upgrade.