What is fear? Why does it matter? How do I manage it?

Fear is a basic instinct that rules every animal. It is to protect us from harm. I get that, what I am working thru is when is fear ruling me and not allowing me to grow into my potential.

I live in fear every day. I do not have that fear which is clinical or manifest itself into on-going anxiety. When I get fearful, I get anxiety, but usually, that passes, because the fear causing event has expired or the event I made up in my head has settled down where I know I need to face the facts and not the fantasy that I made up.

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Twelve Steps

There are 12 steps In A.A. They are paramount to recovery. They consist of just 200 words in the AA’s Big Book on pages 59-60. When we arrive into AA, most of us wanted some relief from our drinking. We may not be ready to admit we are “alcoholics.” This simple program is not about getting our drinking under control, it is about living life fully without the need to have a drink or to use.

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My system

“My System” has been revised many times over the years to fit my lifestyle. I added and subtracted many productivity apps. Today, I need an app that works on the web, OSx, iOS, and Android operating systems. Today I am using Todoist from todoist.com for my list management. The tool is excellent, and ahead of anything else I used. I am a premium user for just over a year (I am a Grand Master, in Todoist Karma).  “Todo” tasks are something I do every day and take seriously. Continue reading

No Faith in…

I do not put my faith in big government, big business, big pharmaceutical, big food, or big education.

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Recovered verse Recovering?

Big Book Being Recovered

The Big Book in the first 164 pages uses the word “recovered” approximately twenty times; “recover,” twenty-five times and “recovering,” only twice, and then that is in the context of the newcomer.

The Family Afterward, p.122
“Our women folk have suggested certain attitudes a wife may take with the husband who is recovering.”

To Wives, p.104
“But many of the suggestions given here may be adapted to help the person who lives with a woman alcoholic — whether she is still drinking or is recovering in A.A.” Continue reading

Merry Recovery

I attended for the first time my AA group’s 11 PM Christmas Eve Meeting. We had tamales and other food. Yum. It was well attended, well, over attended. I do not like big groups. As the meeting followed the normal protocols, I was taking it in. The evening was festive, people dressed up, some cried, some hugged and most were there to help. The room has a Christmas tree in the corner. It is decorated, but missing physical gifts under the tree? Continue reading