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  • Ubuntu 24.04 LTS OneDrive

    Ubuntu 24.04 LTS OneDrive

    I’ve not had much time to play around with the latest release but this is cool – OneDrive Nautilus integration. Settings > Online Accounts > Microsoft 365, leave everything blank and hit “Sign in…”. Web page opens to authenticate and then you can mount OneDrive in Nautilus.

  • Multipass cloud-init

    Multipass cloud-init

    Multipass is pretty useful but what a pain this was to figure out, due to Ubuntu’s Node.js package not working with AWS-CDK. Multipass lets you manage VM in Ubuntu and can take cloud-init scripts as a parameter. I wanted an Ubuntu LTS instance with AWS CDK, which needs Node.js and python3-venv. Save that as cdk.yaml…

  • Setup a Multipass CDK Environment

    Setup a Multipass CDK Environment

    I want to be able to connect to the environment using Visual Studio Code, so first we need to create a SSH key: We need a configuration YAML, replace <generated ssh-rsa key> with the above key, saved as cloud-init.yaml: Assuming you’ve got Multipass installed (if not sudo snap install multipass) then: We’ll come back to…