Two months into Keto

I started Keto on July 13th, 2018, it has been two months on the diet and I have lost 19.0 lbs. My starting weight was at 208.8 lbs.

This is just a report of my how I feel, my Target, Macros, Progress, Routines and Projected Progress.

I Do I Feel?

I am feeling really good. I do not crave food. If I eat fat (e.g., coffee with Heavy Whipping Cream), I can keep starving feeling away. I get hungry, but not starving. My joints are hurting less. I can get on my knees and get up without aid. My sleep is longer and of a better quality. My vision was weakened in the beginning but appears to be back to normal. Overall, this is working well. 


My target macros: set from today 188.8 lbs (currently I have 48.52 lbs of body fat or 25.5% as my total weight), with a one-year goal of 157 lb (15.61 lbs of fat or 12%). My desire is to lose percentages of fat because I hope to add muscle along the way. So weight on the scale can be higher due to added muscle over the fat loss.


  • 1554 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
  • 20 g Carbs (5%, 80 kcal)
  • 87 g Protein (22%, 348 kcal)
  • 125 g Fat (73%, 1126 kcal)


I am down 19 pounds in 60 days (two months) is outstanding. My calculations, breaking down the loss at 7 pounds water and 12 pounds fat. This is a mechanical calculation since none of my smartphone apps can give me this number. I have lost 2.3 pounds a week on average. 

Weight Loss

Daily Routine

  • 7:30 pm – 8: 30 am — Fasting is a 13-hour Circadian Rhythm Fast (liquids only, nothing above 50 kcals, trying only for it to be water)
  • 8:30 am – 11:30 am — Coffee with Fat (1st cup with MCT oil, all cups after that is with HWC or Butter), take supplements, veggie drink (has MCT)
  • 11:30 am – 7:30 pm — the first meal (largest) mostly protein based (meat) and veggies
  • 7:30 pm — Finish all food, includes the second meal and fat bombs, Drink last ACV cocktail

Projected Progress

This chart is from my favorite Keto Macro calculator. 

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