Two months into Keto

I started Keto on July 13th, 2018, it has been two months on the diet and I have lost 19.0 lbs. My starting weight was at 208.8 lbs.

This is just a report of my how I feel, my Target, Macros, Progress, Routines and Projected Progress.

I Do I Feel?

I am feeling really good. I do not crave food. If I eat fat (e.g., coffee with Heavy Whipping Cream), I can keep starving feeling away. I get hungry, but not starving. My joints are hurting less. I can get on my knees and get up without aid. My sleep is longer and of a better quality. My vision was weakened in the beginning but appears to be back to normal. Overall, this is working well. 


My target macros: set from today 188.8 lbs (currently I have 48.52 lbs of body fat or 25.5% as my total weight), with a one-year goal of 157 lb (15.61 lbs of fat or 12%). My desire is to lose percentages of fat because I hope to add muscle along the way. So weight on the scale can be higher due to added muscle over the fat loss.


  • 1554 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
  • 20 g Carbs (5%, 80 kcal)
  • 87 g Protein (22%, 348 kcal)
  • 125 g Fat (73%, 1126 kcal)


I am down 19 pounds in 60 days (two months) is outstanding. My calculations, breaking down the loss at 7 pounds water and 12 pounds fat. This is a mechanical calculation since none of my smartphone apps can give me this number. I have lost 2.3 pounds a week on average. 

Weight Loss

Daily Routine

  • 7:30 pm – 8: 30 am — Fasting is a 13-hour Circadian Rhythm Fast (liquids only, nothing above 50 kcals, trying only for it to be water)
  • 8:30 am – 11:30 am — Coffee with Fat (1st cup with MCT oil, all cups after that is with HWC or Butter), take supplements, veggie drink (has MCT)
  • 11:30 am – 7:30 pm — the first meal (largest) mostly protein based (meat) and veggies
  • 7:30 pm — Finish all food, includes the second meal and fat bombs, Drink last ACV cocktail

Projected Progress

This chart is from my favorite Keto Macro calculator. 

Keto and My Journey

As an adult, I have been up and down with my weight and health. In my 20’s I was 185lbs and got down to 135lbs by starving. When my kids arrived, I added lots of weight (I think from being more passive in my lifestyle) and got the ‘dad bod.’ As I got in my middle-aged man status, I got as high as 242. I set goals and got that down to 185. Recent years, I was 232, then in nine months 193, then back up to 208. My situations determine my weight. I go up and down based on depression and anxiety.

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