Go to Any Lengths

When I came into the rooms, I would hear, are you willing to go to any lenghts to get this. I hear my first sponsor use it as a contract with me. A way to remind me that I need to take this journey seriously or he would not be able to help me. I did that. 

As my journal grows in maturely. I discover some depth to the statement of “will I go to any lengths” and I will use it from the three mentioned phrases and hopefully grow deeper with understanding. 

58.3 If you have decided you want what we have and are willing to go to any length to get it—then you are ready to take certain steps.

76.3 Remember it was agreed at the beginning we would go to any lengths for victory over alcohol.

79.1 Reminding ourselves that we have decided to go to any lengths to find a spiritual experience,

What does it mean to me?

After reading and contrasting the three passages. I now see progress in a spiritual way. At first, when this alcoholic came into the rooms and I begin to work the steps. I was told to read the book in order to give me the steps in order. 

We are all exposed to Chapter 5 early, it is read in about all of the meetings. The first reference is on page 58, is a decision (no action required) wanting what recovered alcoholics have. Then, on page 76, after step 9’s instructions, I then agreed to go to any lengths for victory over alcohol. This is reflective of the decision I made (step 3) then doing the work or action (step 4-9) required by me on completing the steps. On page 79, I am well into the description of this new spiritual life, and this passage is telling me about finding and using this new spiritual experience.

How does it apply to me?

I want a deeper spiritual experience. It is that simple. I want to be comfortable with me and a deep dive into the Big Book is parialement to expanding my relationship with God. 

What is the invitation?

I make the decision and did the work, today I will continue to do even more work!

Step 3 in First Person

My sponsor, Henry, asked me to read this text out loud. The change is from 3rd person, (we, us) to first person (I, me) starting after the A, B, C’s (page 60.2) to the end of page 63. The AA text is in the 3rd person, so he has me read it out loud in the first person. Below is what I have changed in the text to read the text in the first person. The part that I changed in the brackets [ ]. I also emphasized the deity references and pronouns in red.

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