Don't do stupid stuff

Stupid Stuff (we, I mean you do)

Stupid stuff to do or to stop doing. It is a list that helps me save money on things, so I was able to simplify my complicated middle-aged man’s life. This is a long list of things that seem to bother this middle-aged man.


  • Buy most of your food (not drive-thru) from the produce section and the perimeter of the store. Most of the other items are not food, read the label, if you cannot pronounce it, do not eat it. BTW, WTF is ‘Natural Favors?’ It is chemicals made to taste like food products.
  • Get your nonlabeled clothes from discount or thrift stores. WTF- why am I paying more to be a billboard for your brand. Nope, no swoosh for me.
  • Do not eat expensive restaurant food (unless someone else is paying for it), because you will be hungry in just a few hours.
  • Do not buy books if you can loan them out from the library. Use your library card to check out physical and Kindle books. You can even get audio books. Look for the app Libby.

Be Handy

  • Learn to fix your stuff. Tons of YouTubes videos, books, google it or even ask an old dude (older than me), those people are used to fixing stuff. Buy some simple tools.
  • Do helpful things for people; it is called being nice, make them feel valued. They may pay it forward to someone else. You are not responsible if they do it or not.
  • Make Things – Look around, what do you see? Yay, stuff made by other people from around the world, so it is your turn to make some of your stuff.
  • Be crafty, also learn to cook, yes use the oven and less of the microwave.


  • Get it out of the bedroom. The bedroom is for two main things sleeping and sex, maybe talking and a book.
  • Do not get TV programming, the content providers are assholes, the bundle and offer infomercial crap, cut the cable? Why do I pay them so much and I am still getting commercials? WTF, Netflix is a little over $10 a month and no baiting (not like you Amazon Prime), what you see is what you can watch without paying additional fees.
  • Limit your TV watching. Watch something that entertains you or better yet educates you. Do not watch reality TV, a) is not reality, b) it does not edify you. Who gives a crap about someone else problems, that you do not know. If you love that shit, god, you must be boring.
  • Be aware of the commercials. If they are: lawyer commercials, class action suit suing drug companies, or getting financial aid, change the channel.
  • TV weather news is the worst, when it drizzles, “stay turned to STROM CENTER 2018.” WTF, when did a drizzle become a storm.
  • Do not watch the news for hours, if something is important, it will find you.
  • Do not own media, such as DVD’s or CDs. Stream it today.
  • Do not fall asleep with your TV on in bed, if you have problems falling asleep, read.

The Phone

  • The phone is rude, why do strangers or businesses call me (I do not want solar or a car since my warranty expired. I got that call today, and I was so direct, she hung up on me. I was not rude either).
  • If you are not in my contact list, I do not pick up the call. Leave a message; I may return the call.
  • If you leave a message, leave a short message, because when I call you back, you will repeat it back to me anyways. Do not ask me, if I heard your message; the answer is no.

Social Media

  • Facebook is a time waster, limit your time. Do not post your problems; people go to Facebook to escape their problem, do not be one of those people. Do not show me your lunch or cat videos.
  • Stop sharing just other people’s stuff, be original. People “friended” you to know you.

Your Stuff

  • Get rid of your stuff, if it does not give you joy. Simply your life, processions, most lead to bondage. According to the LA Times, there are 300,000 items in the average American home, WTF.
  • Think of ridding yourself of piles of magazines; the medium is dead. OK, if they teach you something or have one or two they can be a good bathroom read.
  • Americans spend $1.2 trillion annually on non-essential goods—in other words, items they do not need (The Wall Street Journal).


  • Ride your bike or walk instead of driving as much as you can:
  • You need exercise and buying gas is expensive.
  • Wear your helmet and put on a headlight on your bike, it is the law.
  • BTW, ride with traffic.
  • Also, do not wear black
  • Do not ride like an asshole.
  • Walk, walk, walk all the time, again, fat asses need the exercise. It is ok to sweat, shower when you can.

More and More

  • Do not smoke cigarettes or cigars, or only when they are gifted to you.
  • Drive old cars (like my 2005 Toyota). Older cars are easy and cheaper to fix, and you can kick the crap out of them, and they run forever.
  • Do not hover looking for a close parking spot, move that beast out of the way and park where you will walk a 100 feet. You will get to the store faster.
  • Make lists of your things to do. No lists, nothing seems to get done. Finish something that was not on your list, add it, and check it off. It just feels good.
  • Limit your email reading and responses to a few times a day. Do not leave your email client open.
  • Find the work you love. If you can’t, then find a job where you love the people.
  • Don’t buy on credit, Cash only baby… If you cannot afford it, defer it. “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like.” (Will Rogers)
  • Put your head in the game! You cannot afford to be stupid, no STD’s, DWI’s, head injuries, or speeding tickets.
  • Do not go on fancy dates, if you’re not fancy. Most people kind of despise the rich anyway. I have a system called, “Units of Satisfaction,” it is my costs versus the return. I will not spend $125 on a date and get only a handshake.
  • When someone knocks on your door, do not answer it. Most likely you do not know them; your friends would text. If they knock twice, answer. If they are selling something to improve the house, tell them you are a renter, they go away.
  • Read books, blogs, anything instead of TV.
  • Cheat on your phone and read a book.
  • Do not get emotionally involved with people, animals, or things that do not know. I do not care about flooding in a town I have never heard of.
  • Today’s world is more wired than before, so crime is not necessarily up, but the reporting is. You just have more exposure to more bad stuff.
  • Do not think that entertainers, actors, singers are smart or even important. I do not give a hoot about their causes. I follow causes that are important to me, not because some overpaid person has an opinion.
  • Product endorsements. WTF, I do not care that you have Super Bowl ring, I do not care that you, Mr. Important want to tell me about which mobile carrier has the best service.

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