Me + Gratitude = Happiness

My Gratitude List

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

This is a list of things that I am grateful for. I find it hard for me to be thankful, so I needed to write this list. The items are in alphabetical order. (10/14/18)

  1. Ability to Read (and the time to.)
  2. Able to cry and be moved by emotions.
  3. A healthy back (no damage, no pain.)
  4. Apologies. It feels great to hear them and even better to say them.
  5. Aromatherapy oil  (no food essences.)
  6. Art. The world would be less beautiful if art didn’t exist.
  7. Big hugs.
  8. Bluetooth headphones (no cables.)
  9. Books. I want to learn about my world and myself.
  10. Bucket Lists (see mine.)
  11. Clarity of my mind. I am open to change.
  12. Clothes that make me feel attractive.
  13. Cold clean water.
  14. Cologne (for me Legends, by Monte Blanc.)
  15. Comfortable shoes.
  16. Crazy socks (about all a man do with fashion.)
  17. Designs that follow form.
  18. Dishwasher. Love that is cleans better than I do.
  19. Dog kisses and cuddles.
  20. Dreams, that give me hope.
  21. Eli my dog, that teaches me to live in the present.
  22. Flannel sheets, (pulled up high.)
  23. Flowers and its petals, and fragrance.
  24. Fluffy pillows, so I can sit up in bed.
  25. Forgiveness. That leads to intimacy.
  26. For the internet, I like being connected.
  27. For the things I have. I value my stuff.
  28. Fountain pens, I love the feel and flow.
  29. Free time to think, plan, and make choices about my life.
  30. Freshly cut flowers.
  31. Friends that get me, without trying to hard to change me.
  32. Friends that move my spirit.
  33. Funny Jokes.
  34. Gardens, the edible plants.
  35. Getting a discount.
  36. Glass art, I want to be a glass artist!
  37. God’s love for expanding my love and understandings.
  38. GPS maps.
  39. Grammar tools.
  40. Hannah (my youngest daughter.)
  41. Having choices.
  42. Health care and insurance.
  43. Holidays, as I learn to enjoy them.
  44. Hoodies when it is raining or cold.
  45. How excited my dog is to see me when I come home.
  46. Images that move my heart.
  47. Keto lifestyle for health (trying to avoid old age. I will live forever, or die trying.)
  48. Keyboard Shortcuts.
  49. Knowing when my kids are safe.
  50. Learning to let go, so my kids can be themselves.
  51. Libraries. So many free resources.
  52. Making a friends day (it can move me to happy tears.)
  53. Meaningful conversations. I’m grateful when someone trusts me enough to share their personal information with me.
  54. Mobile phones, how I can have such much information in my hand.
  55. Morning pages. The opportunity to write about my brain dump.
  56. Movies that make me laugh, cry or think.
  57. Music that moves my soul.
  58. My fears as I learn to release their power.
  59. My hearing so I can enjoy the sounds of the earth.
  60. My legs including my knees they can move me around.
  61. My mistakes, when I can humble myself to learn from them.
  62. My past, (it shaped me.)
  63. My sight so I can see and be.
  64. My speech, allowing me to express my mind.
  65. My taste to enjoy food and coffee.
  66. Organization. To place everything in its place, giving value to my possessions.
  67. Pain. Without pain, it would be difficult to appreciate life’s joys.
  68. Payday.
  69. Peace of Mind.
  70. Podcasts, where I get connected to subjects that move me.
  71. Puppies (Especially Puppy Breath.)
  72. Quiet times.
  73. Quotes that move me.
  74. Rachel (my oldest daughter.)
  75. Rain.
  76. Recipes for cooking and food experiences.
  77. Retirement money.
  78. Rings that mean something on my fingers.
  79. Rover for work money.
  80. Seasons, I look forward to each one as they change.
  81. Smiling at a stranger and they smile back.
  82. Sobriety and its freedom.
  83. Spellcheck. (but not Autocorrect.)
  84. Sunsets, Sunrises that are colorful.
  85. Tea in a warm cup.
  86. Theather (live acting.)
  87. The barista who knows your coffee order by heart.
  88. The color yellow.
  89. The convenience of online shopping.
  90. The perfect playlist.
  91. The sound of the ocean waves and the smell of salt in the air.
  92. The sun it energy gives me life.
  93. To be amazed by surprise.
  94. Toilet paper.
  95. To share and have information received.
  96. Walks with my dog in the beautiful forest or area.
  97. When I get the grammar and spelling right.
  98. Wood floors with wool socks.
  99. Working car.
  100. Writing or getting a thank you note.

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