“Ring the bell that still can ring” (Leonard Cohen)

“Ring the bell that still can ring. There are cracks in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” Flaws are what make us authentic and real, flaws are what make us shine, and authenticity trumps perfection every time. Those who ring cracked bells are the ones who make the biggest difference in our lives. They are the musicians who write the best songs, the artists who make the most meaningful art, the poets who write the strongest lines, and the people who make the best friends. When all hell breaks loose, their presence provides hope because it’s real. Nobody wants to spend time with a perfect person when their world is falling apart. We want to be with people who understand. Rather than make us feel ashamed, they empathize with our pain. Rather than fix our brokenness, they reveal the light even in dark times. Not all cracks are bad; some are just wild edges where the untamed music can be heard.” (Leonard Cohen)


I wrote this when I started my recovery. The shaking was over, but my mind was not clear.

The lock on this cage is on the inside
Unlock this pain?
Where is the key or is it a tumbler sequence of right choices
Is it a set of long numbers– is it just a willingness to open the lock?
What is the right sequence?
Where is the key, if there such a thing?
Which is it?
Where do I look?
Tired at staring just out.
Tired of looking down at my feet.
Tired at looking for the next lie.
Such chains around my mind.
Can someone open this cage?
Find and fill that hole in my soul…
My mind is out of control.
Help me find the grace in my space.
Reach in, please make me free!