Deleting is freeing

I often delete things. I am a purger and a minimalist, so the deleting things become a habit. I am talking about eliminating as opposed to throwing away or giving away. Those are physical actions. Deleting in this context is removing them from digital containers.

I was listening to a friend, Tom who was telling me that he purges friends on Facebook and other places when he is frustrated over life and other details. I do the same thing. I delete often.

I delete like cleaning when I feel overwhelmed in the material world; I clean my room, the bathroom, or kitchen as an example. The act of cleaning is cleansing for my spirit. I feel a release when my world is in the order and clean.

I have 2.5 million files on my hard drive. What? Some are system related, but most of what I have needs to be cleaned up. I need to have the structure to remove what I no longer need. I am a photographer, so I have many images that I need to let go. This year I started with 70,000 plus images and had that down to 55,000. I deleted images that have no value. Images that are too dark or boring are gone. Time will never make them better, so they are gone.

This year I deleted from my digital assets the following:

  • 5,000 songs (I stream only)
  • 550 contacts (no longer know them, everyone now belongs a group)
  • Remove hundreds of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and google plus
  • Removed most notifications to social media. I do not need to know you clicked the like button
  • 1/2 Terabyte of data (500 gigabytes)
  • Removed myself from most online presence, I no longer visit social media when bored
  • Removed seven years of images from Instagram and started over
  • Reduced my TV/Movie watching
  • Cut back on my RSS feeds, look it up the term if you need to
  • I deleted my Flickr account (after retrieving all my files, just in case).
  • I deleted my yahoo account

It looks extreme, but it is not. If they bring me no joy, they have no value. Deleting Yahoo was my backup of my backup for email. No harm, it was not needed. As Verizon is set to purchase Yahoo and Flickr, they will change things, so better I make the first move.

So, what does this mean? Am I living in self-pity? That I am hurt and striking back. Some think that is my motive, but it is not. This is a start, each week or so I remove what is not needed, there if freedom in being responsible for less.

I found freedom in not allowing my things to own me. I own them; they do not own me.

My system

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Aiming at Reaching Minimum – My Focus on Being a Minimalist

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